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The F.J. Foundation was established by David Fletcher Jones (1895 – 1977) and Rena Ellen Jones (1894 – 1970) and apart from initial seed funding in 1958 was the beneficiary of their respective estates upon their deaths. These consisted of shares in the Fletcher Jones Group of Companies.

The Foundation benefited from dividends derived by these shares over many years but this income stream ceased when the Company was sold in 1993 and the shares were considered worthless.

Fortunately, the directors of the Foundation had maintained some investments outside of the Company. These investments enabled the Foundation to maintain its philanthropic work, albeit at a reduced level.

As the funds invested by the Foundation increase, the philanthropic grants are increasing, but it must be recognised that the F.J. Foundation is relatively small.


The Directors in office in November 2005 are:

  • Mr. Ralph F.Jones
  • Mr. David F.Jones
  • Mr. Frederick M.W.Meurs
  • Mrs Isobel D.Jones